Superplay is a web app that allows users to download games, play them, and earn money through the use and the sharing functionalities of the apps.

The project was designed for a San Francisco based startup through a remote collaboration.

The first task we worked on together was branding, we established a direction for the brand, based on colors, iconography, typography and the main logo itself.

The first prototype of Superplay has been studied and designed in 4 months, from January to April 2016, and then the iteration cycles and new features were developed until January 2017.

The product was based on a mobile web-app, and developed to be usable both on iOS and android.

After defining the branding and logo of the product, we worked on a style-guide for it while we started defining low fidelity prototypes and the different flows of our potential users.

We designed and iterated different flows and potential scenarios for our users, and went through many experiments before the final representations of the web-app. We studied how other products were showing elements to their users, experimented with lists and other visual representations for the our app games.

Finally we shaped a complete flow, with screen prototypes, links and modals that would represent all the main touch-points of our users with our web-app.
The surface of the product, the final UI and illustrations were the last elements shaped and defined, thanks to all the work done earlier through branding, information architecture and UX design.