About Me

I am Roberto Salodini, an italian freelance designer, now working as a UX, UI and Graphic Designer with different startups in Europe and the United States on private dashboards and commercial websites, designing product flow, and the digital experience they sell.

Moreover I am working on an internal platform redesign for the World Food Programme international organization as a UI and UX designer.

I have a Master Degree in Product and Service System Design between Politecnico di Milano and Tongji University of Shanghai and a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design.

Lately I am focusing my work on UI and Digital Design regarding desktop and mobile websites and apps.
My first passion is traveling and be able to move and work on my projects while I explore new countries and cultures.

What I Do
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Visual Design
  • Service Design
  • UI
  • UX
  • Branding
  • Illustration