Zuper is a German startup working on finance, budgets, and savings.
A mobile app where users can improve their financial lives and manage multiple bank accounts from one screen.

At Zuper, I worked as Lead UX/UI designer with two other designers, collaborating on the app prototypes and flows, studying and applying the branding, and creating a developing a design system.

My work was focused mainly on shaping the apps experiences for iOS and android, on the main website and printed materials.

Competitive analysis into Budgeting apps, Fintech and Digital Banking were done to analyze, discard or implement new or improved features.
Finally heuristics analysis of our own flows and UI representation were used to define and fix flaws in the design of our own product offers.

Each new feature we developed were based on initial researches developed on our users and potential customers.
From user interviews and surveys, we defined different primary and secondary design (and then marketing) personas, to create and focus on our potential user behaviors and needs.

The flow of the app were discussed, iterated on and finalized with different stakeholders, mainly our Product Managers and Designers. Customer Journey Maps were also made to analyze and read potential edge cases, and specific interactions with our product, from multiple perspectives.

The first sketch were drawn on paper, analyzed internally, recreated in digital wireframes.
Then the results were sent through feasibility assessments with developers, and finally organized into prototypes.

Also, high fidelity prototypes were tested with customers and iterated on, before the test and production versions of the android and iOS app were released.

Another important element that was developed in a team effort was a Zuper design system.
We started defining a color palette and typography hierarchy. From there we created a structure and ramification of assets, components and patterns for the apps usage. Finally, we added illustrations based on our iconography and interactive elements.

The creation of a design system helped us to create and maintain consistency throughout our work, on each step of the app, website and on the various iterations of the project