Zuper is a german startup working on finance, budgets, and savings.
A mobile app where users can improve their financial lives and manage multiple bank accounts from one screen.

At Zuper, I worked as Lead designer for more than 3 years, shaping the app prototypes and flows, studying and applying the branding, and creating a design system.

I led a team of two other designers and worked mainly on the apps for iOS and android, on the main website, landing pages and printed materials.

Each new section, feature, element went through initial research based on potential competitors, other interesting web applications and the study of the state of the art in Fintech, Digital Banking, Online Banking.

Together with the Product Managers and Developers assigned to each feature or element, I designed wireframes and flows for all the app features.

I created, in collaboration with another product designer, a design system: defining a color palette, typography and basic UI components for the app assets, navigations and the simplest interactive elements.

The creation of a design system helped us to create and maintain consistency throughout our work, on each step of the app, website and on the various iterations of the project