Website and branding developed for Elettropotenza, an Italian company that works on electrical systems, wifi connections and smart home devices. elettropotenza.it/

Project developed in Madrid in a remote collaboration with Lorenzo Appiani and Emilio Potenza.

Our work was based on the requests of the client to rethink and redesign the structure and logic of the website, simplify the offering, explaining the strength of the services offered and refresh the brand.

We worked on a new hierarchy and structure through sitemaps of the different services. We developed wireframes and working prototypes to explain how the web and mobile would have had to respond to user interactions, and also worked out different animations the website could show to attract potential clients.

Most of the UX and UI work was done in sketch, while the prototyping and then assets handling with developers was managed through invision.

In this project in particular I focused most of my attention on the branding, images and interactions that we could shape together with the developer working with us.