Wemby is an integrated platform, based on a native app, where users can find selected wellbeing exercises. It is a B2B platform focused on companies that take care of their employees.

Our first approach to the development of the platform was based on user surveys and interviews. From the study of potential users, we created personas and flows that represented how customers could have interacted with the product.

The first iteration for the platform was based on a web platform.
The product was based on different activities the user was given, the objectives those activities were getting to, and the personal coach that was assigned to them.

Objectives in particular were a big focus of the product, giving an idea of improvements and developments to the final user.

We separated the main interests/objectives into 2 main areas:
body well-being, ex: Loose weight, Exercise weekly, Grow muscles.
and mind, ex: Meditate, Reduce Stress, Cultivate Relationships.

At the same time we started shaping the image of the product itself through typography and color choices, a logo that represented the nature, human and health, and finally the realization of the commercial website.

After investments and changes in the startup direction, we refocused the collaboration on a smartphone application. The second iteration was developed in collaboration with a user researcher, and back end and front end developers.